D.P.W. Hood & Degreaser Kits are available in a variety of container sizes.  A 5-Gallon Pail Makes a 55 Gallon Drum of Concentrate

Our chemicals are available in powder or liquid.  They are available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon drum.

DPW Sales and Services offers MOSMATIC parts, assemblies and complete solutions to our customers in the High Pressure Cleaning Industry.

Pressure Washers, Accessories,  are available for rental to businesses, contractors, and residents. Detergents and supplies are available for purchase.
For information contact: Steve Cundiff, call (502) 966-2564

DPW Sales & Services maintains parts for many brands of equipment.  Ship or bring your power washers, car wash pumps, etc. for an estimate before we repair, and return the item to you in prompt time.  For information contact: Steve Cundiff, call (502) 966-2564.

Commercial Products. 
DPW even has commercial products available for exhaust cleaners and other industry professionals. 
Call or email Rory Wilson (502) 966-2564.

Kitchen Ventilation Repair
Brands we represent are Gaylord Industries, Halton Group, Ventmaster, Inc. We service all types of restaurants providing  Filter Sales, Roof Grease Containment, Grease Trap Treatment Products.  For information contact: or call Mr. Roberts @ (502) 966-2564.

Pressure Washer Sales
New Pressure Washers are available in many sizes for many purposes.  Check out our leading brands then contact Steve Cundiff at (502) 966-2564    Manufacturers:  Hyrdo-tek Pressure Washers

If you need to recover, recycle or treat the waste water generated by your pressure washer use this page offers many options in water treatment, recovery or recycling. Hydro Tek can help you with your mobile wash water recovery needs and compliance. 

For information contact: Steve Cundiff, call (502) 966-2564

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