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We offer Surface, Wall, and Roof Cleaners in different sizes and varieties. These Cleaners are made of high-quality stainless steel, making them completely rust free. Of course, Mosmatic also offers various cleaning equipment for cleaning pipes, ducts, trash-chutes, vents, restaurant hoods, tanks and more. Our cleaners are available in different sizes and versions.

The Hydro Tek hot water pressure washer is one of the best pressure washers in the industry. Ample use of stainless-steel and high-quality components ensure that a Hydro Tek pressure washer will outlast the competition and help you to clean faster, living up to our motto: Cleans Fast, Outlasts!

In 1977 the first Epps Products pressure washer was produced, the model 800E, which ran at 800 PSI and 3 GPM. 1984 marked the first year a hot water machine was built. Two models were produced, which were oil fired and ranged from 1000 to 1500 PSI. The next year, gas-fired models began to surface and in 1992, electric models appeared. Currently our line has expanded to over 90 different models. We invite you to take advantage of our great selection of quality pressure washing equipment.

We're ready to meet your needs. Contact us to start enjoy the highest-quality pressure washing accessories, equipment, and more.

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Hot Water Pressure Washer Systems

Hurricane 2.0 HP 120 Volt 1500 PSI 2.0 GPM [Item#6811]
Hurricane Belt Drive 13 HP Honda Gas Engine 3500 PSI-4.0 GPM [Item#6580]
FAIP Pumps
Misc. Parts And Fittings
Hansen 3/8"fpt Coupler [Item#1199]
Hansen 3/8"mpt Coupler[Item#1198]
Hansen 3/8"fpt Plug [Item#1192]
Hansen 3/8" mpt Plug [Item#1193]
Hansen 1/4" fpt Coupler [Item#1211]
Hansen 1/4" mpt Coupler [Item#1200]
Hansen 1/4" fpt Plug [Item#1194]
Hansen 1/4" mpt Plug [Item#1195]
22mm Screw Plugs [Item#6313]
22mm Screw Couplers [Item#6309]
22mm x 22mm Connectors Coupler[Item#6359]Plug [Item#6427]
22mm x QC Connectors-3/8"Plug[Item#6323]-3/8"Coupler[Item#6341]

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