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The do-it-yourself home owner, independent contractor, whether renting or as a new owner of a pressure washer will want to learn a few tips about power washing.

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1. Choosing nozzles and/or tips.  For using pressure washer efficiently you need to choose the correct nozzle and/or tip. The majority of our machines come with interchangeable spray tips that serve two purposes. One is to lower the pressure and draw the detergent; and the other is for high pressure rinse at the different spray angles. Our pressure washers come with several color-coded tips/nozzles (red, yellow, green, and white) that vary from 0 degrees to 40 degrees. As a general rule the smallest angle delivers the most powerful "punch." For example, it you want to remove a stubborn smudge from you driveway you will use a 0 degree angle. However, if you want to move debris (such as leaves, sand, etc.) away from your house you will use a wider angle such as 25 or 45 degree nozzle. Caution: be sure the nozzle/tip is completely attached before using the trigger gun. Failure to do so may result in the tip becoming the projectile and may be lost or it may damage the property and/or harm persons.

2. Using chemicals. Use only chemicals and pressure washer cleaning solutions that are approved for pressure washer use. We offer a Detergent Product and Degreaser Product that is especially for use with pressure washers. Our staff will provide you with product knowledge and instructions in the use of these products.   All of our pressure washers come with the detergent injector, which allows for continuous, uninterrupted flow of the cleaning solution into the water stream. If you buy unapproved detergents they may not be environmentally friendly and they may be dangerous for pressure washer components. One solution might work well for the concrete, but it could harm the wood.

3. Testing the power. Test your pressure washer for its power. The best is to start spraying few feet away from any object. Slowly bring your wand to 3-4 feet distance from the surface you want to clean. Move your wand side-to-side a couple of times and check if the surface is clean. If additional cleaning is needed, move your wand gradually closer to the surface (approx. 1-2 feet). The reason for the gradual cleaning is because pressure washers are extremely powerful and if you start too close you could damage the object instead of cleaning it.